Coffee shops have these handy cardboard sleeves. I’ve found that if you put them around your iced tea during the winter, your hands don’t freeze when you’re walking outside…


Many people have commented over the years that the lettering in Casey and Kyle was small, so a while back, I decided to increase the size. This is not an easy fix. Larger lettering means that there’s less room for the art, so that fundamentally changed the way I wrote gags. If I used the same number of words, it meant that there was no room to draw. So… I had to cut about half the words out of each gag, but still maintain the spirit of the strip and the level of humor… Sometimes that’s simple, and now it comes easier, but there are times when there’s more words than room. This was one of those cartoons and I solved the problem with a lower panel of text (See the center panel).


Drawing sign language in a two panel comic is trickier than it looks :)


I wrote the first panel a year before I wrote the second panel. I did the pencil work on it and everything. But I couldn’t figure out what the second panel should say, it just sat there daring me to finish it. I think that the minute the dad said his line, he probably regretted it…


Readers ask sometimes which cartoons are made up and which are based on real life… This one’s based on real life :)

By the way, if you haven’t yet had a chance, check out the book trailer for BOXES. It’s available here.

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